Allow me to introduce myself.
Julie Ann Krucek (JAK)

As a little girl, I was raised on a 54-acre farm in South Kingston. My parents, Oscar & Helmi Johanson, worked hard raising beef, chickens, pork, fruits and vegetables, making our farm self-sufficient in every way. My brother and I helped with the daily routine. Also, my mother worked at the United Telephone Office as a switchboard operator and my father traveled to Alaska every summer, working for different companies in the the fishing industries, and working at the mill in Port Gamble in the winter months. Once a month we would travel to O'Brien's General Store in Kingston in Dad's pickup truck to bring home staples like flour, sugar, baking supplies, etc. It was a real treat for me, as Mr. O'Brien would offer a piece or two of his penny candy, always with a warm smile. (Now I'm giving away my age.)

I learned from a young age about "wholesome" and "organic" from my family as we grew, canned, milked, harvested, processed, and baked all our own foods. I have always dreamed of opening a cafe that I would be able to put my talents to work and to serve fresh, wholesome, organic foods and a big helping of down home hospitality. Now I have stopped dreaming and it has become a reality. So please, come in, sit down, and enjoy the food and company. Tell us what your likes and dislikes are...and may all your dreams come true!

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